Become A Centennial Sponsor

If you would like to participate as a Centennial Sponsor, please fill out the sponsorship form and send us your logo and website so we can highlight your support of the Centennial. Thanks for your interest in helping us celebrate our Centennial!

Centennial Sponsorship Form

Become A Centennial Ambassador

Many of our Centennial events will require volunteer help. If you would like to participate as a Centennial Ambassador (fancy way of saying volunteer), please fill out the volunteer form and let us know your availability and your special skills. Thanks for your interest in helping us celebrate our Centennial.

Centennial Ambassador Application Form

Have an Idea? Want to Participate?

Do You Have An Idea to Help Celebrate the Centennial?

It is our intent to showcase the active and involved organizations located in Culver City or serving our residents.  If you are a member of such an organization and you have an idea for an activity (either an event or a project) for the Centennial, we want to hear from you. 

Please click on the link below to print out a Participant Application form.

Centennial Participant Application

Your idea could be an entirely new activity or one you regularly put on but could be enhanced or modified to coincide with the Centennial. 

– The activity should occur during the Centennial year (September 20, 2016 – September 23, 2017).  If it is an event, we need to know dates as soon as possible so as to coordinate with other events. 

– Also your event needs to be open to the public, even if you charge an admission fee.  Non-profit organizations are entitled to raise funds in the name of the Centennial to support their organizations.  For-profit organizations and individuals may also raise funds though may be subject to a licensing fee.

– And, of course, it should relate to Culver City, our past, present or future.  Our theme is Culver City — A Century of Change.