3 Events That Went Down at the Centennial Opening Ceremonies

3 Events That Went Down at the Centennial Opening Ceremonies

March 12, 2019 0 By Culver Cty 100

On September 20th 1917 Culver City was officially incorporated in the westside of the Los Angeles county. Obviously, as the 100th anniversary mark got closer and closer, the community got increasingly excited and, of course, plans for major celebrations and festivities started being made.

We didn’t wait until September 20th 2017 to celebrate. Instead, we wanted to kick off our 100th year with the right food, with a day of ceremonies that honored our past and also let us be free to let loose and party.

September 24th 2016 was a very important day in the history of Culver City. It was the day of our centennial’s opening ceremonies. A string of activities that inaugurated our yearlong celebration of 100 years of rich and significant history. A history that had been and continues to be written on regional, national and international books.

From September 24th 2016 up until September 20th 2017 our people in Culver City contributed to a truly joyous year, filled with the most varied festivities for the founding of our city.

Our team of writers at Culver City 100 felt that it would be not only a great idea but an appropriate homage to write an article about that September 24th. A piece that would let us open our photo album and our box of memories, figuratively speaking, and relive that day.

Whether you are a proud Culver City local, a tourist looking to visit us or simply a history aficionado, come along with us through the opening of the centennial year.

What went down at the centennial opening ceremonies

Three main events took place throughout the day-long celebrations on September 24th 2016.

Community parade

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The community parade that kicked off at 9AM showcased the businesses and organizations that make Culver City a top place to live and work. The parade formed up at Veterans Park and marched to downtown Culver City at Culver Boulevard.

Opening ceremony

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During the opening ceremony before noon, Main Street was closed to mark the location of the 1.2 square miles that went on to become Culver City. State and local dignitaries, as well as long-time residents presented. A singular and important moment was the opening of the time capsule from the city’s 75th anniversary ceremonies back in 1992.

We had mayors and representatives from our four sister cities worldwide: Lethbridge in Canada, Kaizuka in Japan, Iksan City in South Korea and Uruapan in Mexico.

Community block party

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Of course, we had to have an afternoon of pure fun and celebration. The entertainment options were practically endless and included live performances. Artists competed for the Culver Cup People’s Choice Award and a prize of $1,000.

There were stations with all types of food and activities with families and kids especially in mind. Groups of friends gathered everywhere for picnics.

It couldn’t have been any other way. We had to start our 100th year as festive as possible.