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In Culver City we fight to keep and promote our sense of community, togetherness and sharing. It is more and more important for people to be able to get together and bond not only over their similarities, but perhaps more importantly, over their differences. That’s what we work to maintain and enhance in Culver City. A safe, diverse, and inclusive environment.

Our blog Culver City 100 stands from the foundation of those principles as well. That is why we are calling everyone who loves to write to be a part of our writing team.

Even though our team of editors at Culver City 100 consists only of city residents, it will never be possible for us to be able to tell all the incredible stories that deserve to be told. Stories about the places, the people and the history of this place.

We invite Culver City locals to send us their stories or contacts us to be a regular member of our writing crew. What are your memories from back when your family moved to Culver City? Were you born here? How was your childhood in the community? What are some of the city staples that are an irreplaceable part of your life? What are the most unique, beautiful, bizarre or unbelievable thing you watched happening in Culver City?

If you don’t live here but have visited us, you can write too. How was your stay here? What made Culver City stand out to you? What are the museums, parks, stores, food spots or festivals that you want to recommend to other visitors?

Our blog is made of stories and all of you have stories to tell. Share them!