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May 1, 2019 0

The 9 Best Things to Do in Culver City

By Culver Cty 100

Beloved by locals and tourists alike, these places and activities are the absolute best for your time in Culver City. Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook From 8AM until the sunset, you...

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May 1, 2019 0

The 9 Best Things to Do in Culver City

By Culver Cty 100

Beloved by locals and tourists alike, these places and activities are the absolute best for your time in Culver City. Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook From 8AM until the sunset, you...




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The 9 Best Things to Do in Culver City

The 9 Best Things to Do in Culver City

May 1, 2019 0 By Culver Cty 100

Beloved by locals and tourists alike, these places and activities are the absolute best for your time in Culver City.

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

man sitting on edge facing sunset - The 9 Best Things to Do in Culver City

From 8AM until the sunset, you are more than welcome to take on this adventure through 282 concrete stairs to the top of the Baldwin Hills and get one of the most rewarding views ever. Before embarking on the hike, take a look at the exhibits that explain the history of the times when the land used to be exploited. At the 500-foot peak, you will get a 360º view over Los Angeles, the mountains and the Pacific Ocean.


blur hanger clothing shopping - The 9 Best Things to Do in Culver City

Platform stretches along 120,000 square feet. It is a giant collection of stores, creative companies and food and drink spots. It is specifically designed to offer a perfectly integrated all-round wellness experience. And it has everything you need to spend the happiest and most relaxing of days. Healthy food, fresh juices, gyms, beauty parlors. Platform has it all.

The Culver Hotel

hotel guest room new door entrance - The 9 Best Things to Do in Culver City

This is a focal point of Culver City. The hotel is a historic landmark with a detailed atmosphere, high ceilings, vintage pieces, classic movie projections and the most tasteful evenings of live music. You are welcome to experience the hotel’s aperitif and bottle services while taking in the 1920s feel with a Parisian twist.

Helms Bakery District

bakery bread food market pastries - The 9 Best Things to Do in Culver City

This bakery built in 1931 was eventually revamped as a major center of top restaurants, design and home decor stores and much more offerings. The Helms Bakery District is a perfect place for a casual day of food, friends and fun.

Sony Pictures Studio Tour

Sony Pictures Studios – Wikipedia

The Sony Pictures Studios are an American television and film studio complex located in Culver City, California at 10202 West Washington Boulevard and bounded by Culver Boulevard (south), Washington Boulevard (north), Overland Avenue (west) and Madison Avenue (east).

Culver City has a rich history of movie and TV production. Go on this two-hour guided studio tour and feel like a star. It gives visitors the real experience of working on a studio. Tickets are $45 per person. And guess what. You’ll get to visit the sets of Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune and The Wizard of OZ.

Culver City Arts District

black and white art museum europe - The 9 Best Things to Do in Culver City

You are free to enjoy and explore a multitude of contemporary art galleries, boutique restaurants, artist studios and creative specialty services. To eat we suggest the incredible and beloved Asian fusion eatery Lukshon, as well as the Father’s Office gastropub. On the artistic side, you should definitely visit the FP Contemporary art gallery.

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Park

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area – Wikipedia

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, or Hahn Park, is a state park unit of California in the Baldwin Hills Mountains of Los Angeles. The park is managed by the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation. As one of the largest urban parks and regional open spaces in the Greater Los Angeles Area, many have called it ” L.A.’s Central Park”.

This is technically in Ladera Heights but it’s adjacent to Culver City. It is one of the largest inner-city open space parks in Los Angeles. It’s perfect for anything a sunny day out allows you to do. It’s home to baseball and soccer fields, a lotus pond, a fishing lake and overall gorgeous scenery. There are hiking trails, workout courses and some spots have privileged views of the ocean and the mountains.


Culver City’s Farmers Market

food healthy vegetables potatoes - The 9 Best Things to Do in Culver City

Every Tuesday, local and regional farmers bring you the greatest selection of fruits, vegetables and fine foods. It’s a small niche market but acclaimed for the superior top quality.


Hobbit House

house home quirky movie hobbit - The 9 Best Things to Do in Culver City

Created by former Walt Disney Artist Joseph Lawrence the house that was once a family residence was redesigned into multiple units. The architectural style is whimsical and reminiscent of a storybook and the house has no right angles.

If you want to come to Culver City, plan your trip in a way that lets you visit as many of these incredible spots as possible.

4 Unusual Places to Visit in Culver City

4 Unusual Places to Visit in Culver City

April 10, 2019 0 By Culver Cty 100

Culver City 100 suggests four pretty peculiar and lesser-known places around town.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology

Museum of Jurassic Technology – Wikipedia

The Museum of Jurassic Technology at 9341 Venice Boulevard in the Palms district of Los Angeles, California, was founded by David Hildebrand Wilson and Diana Drake Wilson (husband and wife) in 1988.

You’re definitely aware that the Jurassic period and the first thing ever to be considered as technology are millions of years apart. Your confusion will only increase in the museum. You will find close to zero artifacts of the Jurassic period or technology. We told you it was unusual.

The displays evoke a vibe of an 18th century near-creepy cabinet of curiosities. Almost all the exhibits are absurd, surreal and metaphoric. You will probably be confused but will certainly feel a sense of wonder.

The Wende Museum

Wende Museum – Wikipedia

The Wende Museum of the Cold War is an art museum, historical archive, and educational institution in Culver City, California. It was founded in 2002 by Justinian Jampol and has a collection of more than 100,000 unique objects of visual and material culture from the Soviet Union and the former Eastern Bloc.

This is one of the world’s largest collections of items from the Cold War era, with nearly 100,000. It features secret Eastern spy equipment and the largest stretch of the actual Berlin Wall outside of Germany.

The exhibit of surveillance equipment is fascinating and includes cameras, listening devices, fake passports and even a camera hidden in a pen. The museum installed eleven segments of the original Berlin wall outside of its facilities. It houses uniforms, sanctioned art and a huge collection of Lenin busts.

Center for Land Use Interpretation

Center for Land Use Interpretation – Wikipedia

The Center for Land Use Interpretation ( CLUI) is a non-profit research and education organization, based in the Westside Palms neighborhood of the city of Los Angeles, in southern California. The CLUI organizes exhibitions, programs, field trips, and maintains an archive and database to engage the public’s understanding of the man-made landscape, and extent and impacts of human interactions with the surface of the earth.

This project demands that we look at the world around us in a new way. The center’s mission is to increase the information about how the lands in the US are utilized and perceived.

The CLUI doesn’t assume neither as a conservation group nor as an industrial developer. Instead, it encourages to explore the range of opinions about the land around us, from the approach that it is something to be protected to the utilitarian view that it must be used to serve us. The center has traveling and permanent exhibits, as well as very enlightening tours to educate communities.

Old Growth (New/Now)

Old Growth (New/Now) – Wikipedia

Old Growth (New/Now) is a large scale exterior public art installation by architect and artist Alison Wright. It is located opposite to the Culver City Metro Station.

This art project takes two disused electrical poles and turns them into windows to the past. The installation consists of glass panels with imprinted imagery related to the history of the area. It glows in the dark thanks to solar power.

The poles powered by modern-day technologies help remember the days of the first means of electricity. Some of the images are of the Big Creek Waterfall, an early source of energy in Los Angeles.

If you’re more of an alternative-type tourist, you should definitely check these spots in Culver City.

3 Events That Went Down at the Centennial Opening Ceremonies

3 Events That Went Down at the Centennial Opening Ceremonies

March 12, 2019 0 By Culver Cty 100

On September 20th 1917 Culver City was officially incorporated in the westside of the Los Angeles county. Obviously, as the 100th anniversary mark got closer and closer, the community got increasingly excited and, of course, plans for major celebrations and festivities started being made.

We didn’t wait until September 20th 2017 to celebrate. Instead, we wanted to kick off our 100th year with the right food, with a day of ceremonies that honored our past and also let us be free to let loose and party.

September 24th 2016 was a very important day in the history of Culver City. It was the day of our centennial’s opening ceremonies. A string of activities that inaugurated our yearlong celebration of 100 years of rich and significant history. A history that had been and continues to be written on regional, national and international books.

From September 24th 2016 up until September 20th 2017 our people in Culver City contributed to a truly joyous year, filled with the most varied festivities for the founding of our city.

Our team of writers at Culver City 100 felt that it would be not only a great idea but an appropriate homage to write an article about that September 24th. A piece that would let us open our photo album and our box of memories, figuratively speaking, and relive that day.

Whether you are a proud Culver City local, a tourist looking to visit us or simply a history aficionado, come along with us through the opening of the centennial year.

What went down at the centennial opening ceremonies

Three main events took place throughout the day-long celebrations on September 24th 2016.

Community parade

band celebration costumes crowd - 3 Events That Went Down at the Centennial Opening Ceremonies

The community parade that kicked off at 9AM showcased the businesses and organizations that make Culver City a top place to live and work. The parade formed up at Veterans Park and marched to downtown Culver City at Culver Boulevard.

Opening ceremony

people usa military patriotism - 3 Events That Went Down at the Centennial Opening Ceremonies

During the opening ceremony before noon, Main Street was closed to mark the location of the 1.2 square miles that went on to become Culver City. State and local dignitaries, as well as long-time residents presented. A singular and important moment was the opening of the time capsule from the city’s 75th anniversary ceremonies back in 1992.

We had mayors and representatives from our four sister cities worldwide: Lethbridge in Canada, Kaizuka in Japan, Iksan City in South Korea and Uruapan in Mexico.

Community block party

ction adults celebration clouds - 3 Events That Went Down at the Centennial Opening Ceremonies

Of course, we had to have an afternoon of pure fun and celebration. The entertainment options were practically endless and included live performances. Artists competed for the Culver Cup People’s Choice Award and a prize of $1,000.

There were stations with all types of food and activities with families and kids especially in mind. Groups of friends gathered everywhere for picnics.

It couldn’t have been any other way. We had to start our 100th year as festive as possible.

What to Know About the Annual Westside Food and Wine Festival

What to Know About the Annual Westside Food and Wine Festival

March 6, 2019 0 By Culver Cty 100

Save the date! The Annual Los Angeles Westside Food and Wine Festival is coming to Culver City once gain. On July 21st 2019, the city will host the summer event from the third installation of the food and wine fest.

The Centennial

The first edition of the annual festival took place in 2017 to celebrate the centennial of the incorporation of Culver City in the westside of the Los Angeles county. It was called the Culver City Centennial Westside Food and Wine Festival. From that year forward the name caught on.

The annual festival consists of two events, one in the summer and one in the fall. Nowadays, the fest attracts more and more Culver City and Los Angeles locals each year, as well as visitors from across the state of California and the US.

The 2019 Festival

adult alcohol blur candles - What to Know About the Annual Westside Food and Wine Festival

The 3rd Annual Westside Food and Wine Festival will hold its summer event on July 21st at the Courtyard by Marriott LA Westside at Bristol Parkway, Culver City. Todd Elliott is organizing and producing the event, which will serve to benefit the Westside Food Bank. Prices to attend vary from around $55 to $82.

The food and entertainment fest will take place at a ballroom and patio with general admission at 4PM and VIP entry at 3PM. The event will go until 7PM.

The fall event already has a date, October 13th 2019. More information will be timely revealed in the upcoming months.

What will happen

wine in clear glass near food on plate on table - What to Know About the Annual Westside Food and Wine Festival

The Food and Wine Festival showcases the best culinary talent and winemaking in Los Angeles and Southern California. You will have access to samples from over 25 food, wine, spirit and drink vendors. We can guarantee you won’t leave neither hungry nor thirsty.

There will be live music, magic, auctions and many entertainers. You will also be able to participate in activities targeted to families and kids, including games, photo booths and arts & crafts. You will even have the opportunity to take some free findings home with our giveaways.

The Westside Food Bank

croissant bread on clear glass cake stand - What to Know About the Annual Westside Food and Wine Festival

The mission of the Westside Food Bank is to end hunger in the communities across westside Los Angeles. The bank provides access to free nutritious food. An important role of the Food Bank is to continually engage more and more locals in order to strengthen the food assistance network.

It partners with over 70 agencies from the Los Angeles county that have food programs. Alongside each other, these entities provide pantry staples, fresh produce and high protein foods, reaching almost 110,000 people each year. Nearly half of them are children whose only access to nutritious food is through the Westside Food Bank.

Useful information

man and woman holding wine glasses - What to Know About the Annual Westside Food and Wine Festival

Tickets are non-refundable, although they can be transferable. Email the name of the attendee who will use your ticket to the organizer at least 24 hours before the event. Everyone must bring their ID.

Children are welcome but one adult per children is the minimum requirement. You don’t have to pay the ticket for a kid under 10.

The Food and Wine Festival is a great idea for a perfect summer day activity!